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Behind the lens

Aurora Photography is a small photography and design service based out of Sudbury, Ontario. Beginning as a hobby over a decade ago, I've been serving clients in multiple facets - from special event photography to portfolio building, for the better part of the last five years while pursuing postsecondary education. I offer casual photography services at competitive pricing and work with clients in all budgets to help accommodate them to achieve their visions.

As a mechanical engineering graduate and avid "can't-say-no-to-extracurriculars" enthusiast, I understand that life gets pretty busy sometimes. It's for this reason that I offer no-fee cancellations (with your minimum deposit) and will work with you to reschedule when life settles back down. My main priority is to provide my clients with a comfortable experience - book a consultation today to see how we can work together. I rarely use studios or structured sessions to allow for a more personalized and comfortable experience.

For all inquiries, please contact info@aurora-photos.com.